About Doyin

Hey, i’m Doyin!

25 year old South East London born Nigerian 😉

London, England that is!🇬🇧

Living with my mama & sister… last born of 5!

Big believer of living life in all of its God given fullness

Jesus has my back

Economics Graduate from the University of Leicester, UK. (if I could do another degree I would choose Geography or Behavioural Economics)

Fortunately (& unfortunately lol) I landed a top corporate job out of university working in Investment Management as Fund Financial Associate

I actually quit my job early 2017 to pursue my passion for travel, people and entrepreneurship

9 months after I become the co-founder of a leading UK travel company The Wind Collective. We are a creative travel agency running group trips and we creative storytelling travel content for brands

Eating, adventure, running, eating, hiking, dancing, current affairs, charity work, eating, learning, Oprah and eating are my faves!

I have a crazy sweet tooth & if possible I would choose a dessert over any meal! Fave ‘dish’ = a chocolatey, nutty, gooey brownie with vanilla bean ice-cream

I “cook” stir fry most of the time…that doesn’t mean I cannot cook…

If I could only do three things for the rest of my life I would eat, document my adventure to every country on planet earth and run a charity

2018 goals: venture to Africa, run two half marathons 💪🏾 ..and read more often (so send over your book recommendations)

During my spare time I attempt to read, I’m an unpaid travel agent to friends and family, I’m an actual travel consultant and I love a long sleeeep!

Oh yaa.. I’ve visited 30+ countries

With all that said, my only hope is that you truly seek and live out your purpose – in all of its fullness!

Any questions? Want to connect/collaborate? Give me a shout:

movewithdoyin@gmail.com 😉