You Might Want to Visit These Epic Destinations This Year…

Suup gang! I hope your day has been great so far!? I’m currently delighting on a free Subway sandwich courtesy of Valentine’s Day so life is sweet on my side. 😉

London, Miami, Pari, the list goes on… Of course all great destinations but it’s 2017 folks! – Lets break the pattern, get out of our comfort zones & experience something unusual!

Whether you have a flair for sheer luxury, budget travel or more like me with an urge for adventure then I promise these destinations have the potential to be the best trips you’ll ever take!

In no particular order of personal bias here you go!

1. Puerto Rico

Beside the oh so complementary stereotypes of good looking Puerto Ricans, Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island infused with African, Hispanic and Caribbean influences guarantees you GREAT food, stunning beaches, luxury eco-resorts and all day parties/festivals (that are mostly free)!

Day trip to the Stunning Loiza beaches. PR Dec 2016.


I couldn’t actually believe I was in U.S. Territory when I landed in PR – surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and the only tropical rain forest in the United States national forest system – El Yunque ( – you won’t regret it!

My fear of swimming vanished when I saw this beauty in El Yunque! lol

Not only do Norwegian Airlines ( offer cheap flights to San Juan (my return ticket from London was £270 – say what! lol) you can also get around in an Uber for as little as $3!

If you’re staying clear from the States for a while (rightly so! lol) but still fancy to be Americanised (to an extent) i’ll defo consider PR.

2. US Virgin Islands

Yes it’s true – The US Virgin Island will pay you $300 to visit them in 2017! This is bonkers but trusted sources at LonelyPlanet have confirmed (


You’ll be credited $300 to spend when you visit to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the US taking over the Island. Throughout the year they’ll be parades, carnivals and the likes to celebrate. If snorkeling, diving, eco-tours and lazing around a remote white sand beach are your holiday pleasures why not get paid to do it!

3. Guatemala

On top of my hiking list but definitely not for the fainthearted or super divas! Crazy adventurers can hike or camp near active volcanoes (I told you this isn’t for the weak! lol) 

If this is your type of adventure let me know & we can go together (i’m serious here lol) – check out the details & stunning pictures of Pacaya Volcano here:

My mate @clehunnigan wrestling with the wind at Acatenango Volcano. So worth it!😍

We can’t forget the World Heritage site Tikal National Park ( which looks like an extract from the Madagascar movie! Absolutely stunning jungle filled with Mayan ruins, temples & a pyramid!

Ruins in the MAya City Tikal in Guatemala
I’m convinced Madagascar was filmed here! Tikal National park. Getty images.

Coffee Lovers (Seriously how does one find pleasure in drinking such a bitter liquid? lol).. But hey Guatemala is also home to one of the best coffee’s out there! & they even organise coffee drinking sprees at local coffee factories (nasty!😷lol).

4. Iceland

One of my faves!! & i’ll be reserving my words for a separate post on all things Iceland!

Iceland is amazing all year round but sources say the best time to head there is Feb/March and July/August so you’ve still got time to get planning for this year.

Even a spa day in the Blue Lagoon is worth a visit to Iceland!

You literally leave Iceland feeling like the world is a peaceful, war-free and all rounded happy planet! A little expensive on the standard of living side of things but getting there is super cheap with WowAir (

5. Belize

Luxury paradise private Island for £81 per night!

This is where my love for AirBnB hits home!! You can rent your own luxury Paradise Island in Placencia, Belize for £325 a night – the entire island takes 4 guests so that’s £81 per night, on a private Island!! –


I checked out the availability, refreshed the page and as of now all 2017 slots are taken! Don’t panic however, the next available slot is July 2018 with plenty more slots towards the end of 2018 – so give us a shout if you are up for this too! lol

P.s. I would recommend learning how to swim before embarking on this adventure as the island is 20 minutes away from anything other than water!😳 (This is a note to myself. As I cannot swim, yet!)

6. Bolivia

With landscape like no other, an insanely colourful culture and home to the largest salt flat in the world, Salar de Uyuni ( – take your arse to Bolivia!

Oh mother nature in her finest form! Salar de Uyuni. Getty Images.

Also super cheap if you are looking to save on the pennies this year.. Apparently you can eat well, sleep comfortably, purchase bits and bobs and experience the outdoors/tours for as little as £30 ($40) a day! So yap Bolivia is definitely on top of my Bucket list for the year! If you can’t see the trend already this post is a subliminal list of my top destinations for the year… You are happy to come along too of course lol

Look at these cute mamas!

7. South Korea

I’m not one to return to a destination more than once but SK is one of those where i’ll be breaking this “rule”. Other than the young urban vibe and God sent Korean BBQ in Seoul, SK has so much more goodness to offer which is why i’m heading back!

My Korean sisters killing that sexy chicken Dak Galbi in Seoul.😋

Filled with mountains, national parks, ski resorts and islands this one is definitely for the adventurous! So don’t let Kim Jong-un and his mates scare you off visiting neighbouring South Korea.. although you can actually visit North Korea on the DMZ tour ( ).

People watching (& spotting) at Myeong-dong Shopping Street, Seoul 2014.

8. Zimbabwe 

Of course saving the best till last! Totally being bias here as Africa is my continent of origin but Zim is another hit that sits top on my bucket list. I’m a proud West Africa but with all my pride taken away I do personally believe that Southern Africa sits well above West Africa in terms of natural beauty (don’t kill me fellow West Africans i’m confident our food is tastier lol).

Oh mama Africa😍 Victoria Falls.

Home to one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World (Vicky Falls), four World Heritage Sites, the largest manmade lake in the world and tons of national parks.. Need I say more!?


Kenya is not the only home to Africa’s beautiful Safari parks. Hwange National Park, Zim.


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