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Happy new month gang! It’s been a looong January and it’s been 2 weeks since my last post… I did promise weekly Tuesday posts so in order to plead for mercy I’m treating you to a double whammy this week!

This post is all about some of the tricks I’ve learnt and habits that I’ve picked up while booking flights… & they actually all stem from a few of my do’s and don’ts when booking a trip:

  1. Shop around!

I personally believe that travel is a major part of life and therefore it should not be exclusive to the rich or simply those who can ‘afford’ it. – & it actually isn’t! Travel is not expensive (yes I said it! Lol) – you just have to shop around, as you would do with any other purchase.

You wouldn’t make an offer on the first house you view so why book the first flight deal that you see? Ok that was a bit dramatic (lol) but you get my point.

Due to the rightly so excitement of booking a holiday, airlines capitalise on this and send out those “Biggest Deal of the Year ending at Midnight!!” type emails at 11:50 at night to get you booking ASAP! But paaalease, don’t get sucked in… the year has just started there will be plenty more *HOT DEALS* tomorrow. 🙂

“So hey.. Doyin, how do you shop around for flight tickets?” Just keep reading… 🙂

  1. I do not book flights to European destinations for more than £50!

My number 1 rule for European travel is: Stay as low as possible on the price of flight tickets because I easily can!

Given that London is currently home for me, most flights to Europe can be purchased for less than £50 (yes, a return ticket!). There are a few exceptions of course, especially on highly popular destinations all year round such as Paris, Amsterdam etc. My flight to Reykjavik, Iceland was around £70 and I’m heading to Paris next month for £70 also. But on a larger scale I am certain that 9 times out of 10 you can get your hands on relatively cheap flights from pretty much anywhere in the London and surrounding area. Yesterday I booked a return flight to Ibiza, Spain for £36.98!

…and for my non-London/UK readers you can simply Google ‘low budget local airlines’ and have a play around the website to see where they go for pretty much close to nothing.

Here are a few North American and Asian budget airlines I’ve used in the past:

  • Jet Blue Airlines
  • SouthWest Airlines (one of my faves as you get to check in 2 large bags for FREE)
  • Spirit Airlines (they even held my luggage 7 hours before my flight in LA which allowed me to explore the city for a short while luggage free)
  • AirAsia (another fave… they do insanely cheap flights around Asia and I was even fed on a short hall flight from Hong Kong to Shanghai)
Cheeky trip to Berlin for less than £50.
  1. Let’s go to Paris!? No thanks, I’ll go when flights are the cheapest!

Of course we all make plans in advance and want to head to certain destinations during particular seasons for festivals, great weather, school holidays etc. But if possible try to be flexible on where you choose to go.

I use flight comparison sites that allow me to search “everywhere” as the destination and the rest is history!

On Skyscanner ( I’ll search for every destination in the month of March for example and this will give me the result of all the destinations I can head to in March in order of price (as per the pic above). Doing this helps me to plan my holidays based on the cost of the flight ticket. Also, being flexible and choosing “any” airport in your departure destination will save you a few!

My second love. Skyscanner.
  1. I heart Google Flights!

My university degree was in Economics so I love graphs, tables and visual trends. Google Flights ( provides visual charts of the cheapest days which you can fly to a given destination so it’s super easy to play around with your dates to find the cheapest deal.

Just click on the date and you’ll get the flexible price charts just like below. I also discovered Momondo which is a similar flight comparison site to Skyscanner – but be warned the site is super colourful and addictive lol.

My trusted first love. Google Flights.
  1. Join Jack’s Flight Club & the rest will be history (lol)

OK, so this guy is basically a flight hacker (I think it’s legal lol as he’s been featured in British newspapers such as The Times and the likes). He uncovers cheap fares/error flights and shares them with his friends and all Flight Club members. All you have to do is head to, enter your email address and the rest is history lol… well he basically does all the research to discover cheap flights then informs you via email.

My friend recently told me to join and I’ve already recommended so many deals to friends and family. If you do know any other sources similar to Jack’s Flight Club please let me know. 🙂

I do hope you took a few from this post and enjoyed it! Let me know your thoughts, ways in which you pick up flight deals and don’t forget to share the post! Doyin 😉

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