Bali Isn’t Only for Rich Folks: 10 Ways To Live It Up In Bali Without Draining Your Bank Balance

I’ve been to Bali twice now, the most recent trip was with my travel company The Wind Collective in April and it’s safe to say, it’s a place I’ll be visiting yearly for the next few years! The vibe, the food, the people, the outdoors and the fact that it can be inexpensive – issa deal maker! By far one of my fave places and here’s how I’ve experienced Bali to the fullest without going too crazy on the coins.

The infamous Pura Lempuyang Luhur Bali (Temple of Heaven).
  1. Fly Smart

Bali is a hot island destination so flying right into Bali can be on the expensive side compared to its city neighbours. A tip would be to fly into Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore then get a super cheap Air Asia flight into Bali (DPS Airport).

If you’re flexible you can extend your layover to explore your stopover city.

Made it to the top! Mount Batur Volcanic Sunrise Hike.
  1. Eat Locally

Balinese food is sooo rich and flavoursome. You don’t need to eat at super expensive westernised tourist hot spots because truth be told, they probably won’t serve your taste buds with a authentic Balinese flavours.

My advice would be to chop (eat) at Balinese café’s (boutique style restaurants) and if you’re a brave one, why not check out local street food (for £1 meals)! Lots of the Balinese cafés are hella’ aesthetically pleasing too! A few of my fave Balinese food spots:

Paon Bali Cooking Class, Ubud.
  1. Villa all the way

You can easily go all out in Bali by staying in one of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of villas across the island. A personal chef, swimming pool, chauffeur and a security guard (although not needed in the extremely safe island). You can live in luxe from about £30 a night thanks to AirBnB.

There’s the option to stay in a shared villa (primarily for solo/duo travellers) or rent out a whole villa on AirBnB. So yes, AirBnB villas over hotels for every time!

Buuuuttt: Ladies, if he’s paying go for the Four Seasons Hotel Bali! 😉

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Mornings at Sals Secret Spot – Boutique Villa in Uluwantu, Bali.
  1. Party it up at the beach

…because when is a beach party not a vibe?

Rather than heading to a club switch it up one night and head to the beach (some simply require a drink purchase on entry so you’ll save plenty on the coins too). In Canggu Bali, I went to the Wednesday night beach party on Batu Balong Beach – proper good vibes and there’s a street BBQ right outside the beach. Oh, and is completely free!

  1. Use Grab or GO-JEK
Motorbike rides with my Balinese bro. Ubud, Bali.

These taxi services are the real-life savers. Crazy cheap, easily accessible (via the app) and you can also hop on a motorbike (which is even cheaper than the car service). I pretty much used GRAB or hopped on a locals motorbikes to get me around the island.

For those chilled Balinese nights, GO-JEK also run a food delivery service just like Uber Eats/Deliveroo.

  1. Rent a Motorbike

I’m yet to learn, but if you’re a confident rider renting a bike is hands down the best way to get around Bali. It’s considerably cheaper than taxi’s so if you can learn before your visit, make it happen.

Although extremely fun, the roads aren’t really “beginner friendly” so make sure you’re confident. Don’t forget your car/motorbike license!

  1. Beach Club Hop
Jungle Fish Beach Club, Ubud.

Again, you don’t need to stay in an expensive hotel to experience luxe in Bali. It’s almost everywhere! When in Bali, head to a beach club (which is usually situated on a lovely beach) for premium vibes, flowing drinks and some of the best food you’ll ever had – take me back to Bali!

During both visits, I spent a day (or two) at different beach clubs – I call these days, Bougie Bali. My faves are Potato Head, Jungle Fish and Ku De Ta (all offer free entry).

Tip: Check out their site for events, concerts and exclusive parties during your visit. A friend of mine stumbled across a Disclosure beach concert at Ku De Ta which was only a tenner (£10).

The Jungle Fish infinity pool.
  1. Do your research

Thank God blogs still exist! Before heading to any country, I always Google “coolest things to do in…” and check out the blogs. Research is key to finding out the best and affordable spots.

Ask friends who have previously visited for insider hacks – that’s literally how I found out about Jungle Fish Resort. Bali is crazy aesthetically pleasing too so be sure to research where to find those gems for the gram’.

Up high. Mount Batur, Bali.
  1. Going solo? It can still happen

Since going solo to Bali in April 2017, I’ve been asked numerous times about my experience and whether it’s doable (of course it is). It was one of my favourite solo travel experiences and surprisingly, Bali is a solo traveller hot spot so it’s hella’ likely you’ll meet people out there.

Like any solo experience, it can become costly so my advice would be to join group tours, share rides, go to co-working spaces and smile – that’s how you’ll meet people (& inevitably cut your costs). I spent a few days with a girl I met on the Mount Batur Volcano Hike and due to sharing costs I spent far less during my time with her than when I was solo. Plus, we had a dope time!

  1. Meet/hang with locals
Some of the best folks you’ll ever meet!

I’ll always emphasise the need to experience a given destination with locals but when in Bali you gotta hang with the locals – they’re some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet! Believe me, a simple conversation will warm you to Balinese folks. They are such a breath of life and most likely, they’ll offer you a lift, food and a taste of their culture.

So yes, you can keep your coins and still experience Bali to the fullest! Hope you found the post useful – check out my previous Bali post and more Bali posts to come for sure!

Peace & Love



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