My top 2018 go-to destinations

So, we all want to travel more in 2018 right? We’ve almost crossed the quarter-year mark and everyone seems to still have their mojo on level 100…ready to make things happen, taking hold of goals, and of course, setting objectives to travel more & more!

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10 new countries in 2018. #MyTravelGoal

Personally, I’ve set one 2018 travel goal which is to visit at least 10 new countries and really take in the culture. I frequently look for destination inspiration from multiple sources so I thought why not send some travel inspo your way…here’s my top four destinations you should consider visiting in 2018 and why:

1. South Korea (SK)

Hands down one of the coolest, nature diverse, interesting and fun places I’ve ever visited!

SK is a foodies heaven!

Food in SK is KING! I’d recommend Bulgogi (Dak Bulgogi for you chicken lovers). Obviously indulge in Korean BBQ daily and whatever you see on the street that tickles your fancy, try it, it’ll probably taste dope!

Chowing a Chicken Bulgogi w/my Korean Sisters in Seoul.

One of the most diverse looking countries

What I love most about South Korea is the diversity of the countries landcape. Head to Jeju Island for the beach resorts, the white sand beaches and lush greenery. You can get to Jeju Island by ferry or plane from the capital city Seoul.

In Seoul, I’d recommend a few wanders around the vibrant Hongdae district for all things food, fashion, nightlife, entertainment and legit people watching!

Nature’s Beauty

Nature lovers will certainly feel at home in SK and you can take your pick from the seven mountains in the region. Situated in the centre of Jeju Island, Hallasan is the highest mountain in South Korea and unsurprisingly one of the most popular climbs. For stunning views of the capital city don’t forget to visit Namsan Tower.

Best time to go

A surprise to many but yes! SK does get cold, it snows and all sorts! SK is a well seasoned country so if you’re after skiing consider heading to SK in the winter (December to February). If flowers are your thing, catch the beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival from March to May.


2. New Orleans, Louisiana

Home of Essence Festival, old school black excellence, GOOD food & more…

Known by many for being home to the iconic Essence Festival and Mardi Gras, NOLA is full of absolute vibes! From delicious Creole food, to street parties and legendary music, there’s no surprise that NOLA has been named the Best Place to Visit In 2018 by New York Times.

Best time to visit NOLA? Anytime!

The excitement is more than real as I’ll be heading to NOLA for a few days in April! NOLA is that destination that’s always buzzing so make it a priority to at least pass through when stateside! (I booked a one way 2-hour flight from Fort Lauderdale (Miami) which costs £70 with the low-cost U.S. airline Spirit).

Although NOLA is always a good old vibe, peak season occurs during Mardi Gras (Feb/March) and Spring Break (March/April).

Spots to check out:

Café Du Monde for the legendary beignets (apparently these are one of the best square doughnuts in the game)!

Grab a Crawfish Boil from a bunch of NOLA spots.

NOLA is the place for complete spontaneity as you’re more than likely to stumble across a festival, street party, live music and all rounded vibe!

Last but by no means the least, Bourbon Street by day and (especially) by night is a must – I’m so ready for my trip in April!

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Dubrovnik, Croatia. February 2018.

3. Lagos, Nigeria

 Africa’s rising star destination (yes I said it)!

Home away from home

My personal motherland has literally become the place to be during the holiday season. From beach parties on the Island to street parties on the mainland to eating your life away in spicy food while waiting in the hectic Lagos traffic everyone needs to visit this beautiful chaos of a country once in their lifetime. & now really is the time…

Best time to visit

Christmas aka “parry season”. It’s basically a crazy worldwide reunion, there’s always something going on and everyone’s just in THAT mood! Nigeria welcomes a tropical hot climate so the weather wise you’ll be just fine.

Take me back home (Nigeria)!

Spots to check out:

Lekki Conservation Centre – the beautiful nature park that’s home to stunning views.

Nike Art Gallery – One of the motherland’s hidden gems filled with thousands of homegrown masterpieces.

Local Buka – No one is too classy or “rich” to devour some Nigerian delicacy on a street corner! Known for serving succulent native dishes they’ve been nicknames “Mama put”, a colloquial term used to describe customers initial response to tasting the dish – “Mama, put more”.

Here’s a bunch of “go-to” Lagos Buka joints to visit:

The Backyard – Super Instagrammable bar & grill, basically, it’s where you’ll find the Lagos “cool-crowd”.

Go to a wedding! Yes, you heard that right. Invitation or not, you cannot experience Nigeria without attending a Nigerian wedding – tell em’ I invited you!

Lagos traffic is hectic so it’s advised to chop (eat) the stress away by purchasing street treats from road-side food vendors (the freshly grilled corn on the cob is a winner).

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Bali, Indonesia. April 2017.

4. Valencia, Spain

I ticked off this pretty little city in January and I’ll certainly be visiting again. It’s really a hidden gem, the people were lovely, the weather was good (15 degrees deep in winter) and the city architecture was truly stunning.

I’d super recommend visiting in the spring/summer months to truly embrace the Spanish beach life. My return Ryanair flight was only £30 and I rented out the most aesthetically pleasing AirBnB apartment in the heart of the city (which costs £20 a night per person).

Happy travels and look out for my next post in the Move with Doyin Weekly blog Special.

Peace & Love



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