10 Realistic Ways to Save Money to Travel

Me again on this gloomy Spring Monday here in London about to tell you how to save up for your travels – can it get any better? Lol

Soo.. I’m no a money expert but don’t leave just yet! …I’ve managed to visit 29 countries and probably 40-50 cities mostly on a budget. Many of you wonder how I afford to travel and to be completely honest it’s because I prioritise travel – with both my time and FINANCE. There is absolutely no trick to it and i’m going to show you 10 REALISTIC & PRACTICAL ways in which I keep money to travel!

  1. Get A Penny Jar (& actually fill it up)!

It does takes willpower to refrain from smashing the see through jar on your bedside desk but the “big smash” at the end of it all is so rewarding!

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You’ll be smiling once you full up that penny jar! Elephant Sanctuary, Chiang Mai.

Tip: Empty out your purse/wallet daily or weekly into your penny jar (no cheating put it ALL in). By the end of the year you should have enough for at least one trip or some spending money for your travels!

  1. Buying and Reselling

Ebay, Craigslist, Gumtree, your social media handles or your mums back garden (lol)! There are numerous platforms/ways to sell items or unwanted stuff nowadays.

For example, I actually funded my trip to Reykjavik, Iceland by purchasing Coachella Festival tickets and reselling them at a later date. This was a great saving mechanism personally because I’m sure I would have spent the money on something else if it was just sitting in my bank account.

We all know that friend who purchases 10 Beyonce tickets but that friend is smart and they’re probably making tons of money from it!

Coachella 2016.✌🏾


  1. Don’t Take Your Bank Card/s Everywhere 😱

A difficult one for all of us! “What if there’s an emergency, what if I need the card to win something!?” Lol ..these are the questions that go through my mind when faced with leaving my card at home.

BUT I must say, the days I have remained strong without my debit card have been rewarding! – Try not to cheat by buying food online, on Apple Pay or using Paypal also – it’s hard, I know lol.

  1. Eat Breakfast At Home

I would say lunch but ohh paaleaseee lol.. Most of us adore eating out haha.

Have a huuugeee breakfast if you have to! …Nasi Goreng dish @ Cashew Tree Bali. Delish😋

Be absolutely realistic and maybe start by eating breakfast at home, once a week, twice a week and see how it goes! Then eventually slowly lay off the morning coffee purchase (or am I pushing it?) lol.

…But you get the point. Start small then gradually your bank account will thank you.

  1. Get A Realistic Extra Job

If you are already tied down to a demanding full-time job seek casual work you can do in your down time/during the weekends.

Some examples:

– Love social media/always on social media? ..Manage someone’s social media account/s.

– Love working out? ..Train with someone during your workout/do meal plans.

– Love cooking? ..Cook an additional pot during your meal prep and charge friends/family/fans for your service.

The Louvre, Pari!


  1. Try To Avoid Travelling On A Friday/Saturday!

Weekend’s are just expensive times to travel! Try to fly out during the week or on a Thursday night!

Tip: To maximise your travel days without sacrificing too much annual leave, fly out on a Thursday night and return back on Monday morning! Crazy and you may be a little tired lol, but you’ll only take 1 day off work for a 4 day holiday!

  1. Cancel Your Gym Membership – You Don’t Even Go!

Who isn’t guilty of not attending the gym and wasting money on wishing for that summer bod lol.

I have actually cancelled my gym membership and i’ve picked up running. If you really really love the gym consider downsizing and becoming a member of a budget gym.

The joy from cancelling my expensive gym membership! lol.

This goes for any other unused direct debit. (Hint hint: Cancel your Netflix subscription and use your best friends account).

  1. Fly with Budget Airlines

Absolutely nothing is wrong with them (OK maybe a few of them are bonkers like United) but flying budget Airlines such as Ryanair and Norwegian Air has allowed me to divert the rest of my cash on more travels!

Tip: Subscribe to airline alerts to receive flight deals on your phone.

Come fly with me… lol


  1. Bring Snacks with You On Holiday

If you are an avid snacker like me I advice you to pre-pack snacks when going abroad. You’ll save a few pennies and avoid the extortionate airport prices.

Snack ideas: Nuts, dried fruits, cereal bars, crisps, rice cakes, sandwiches.

  1. Airbnb It!

My love for Airbnb is old news now! From luxury, to mid-range/affordable homes/apartments or hostels you can literally find anything on here!

Hit the link to get £30 off your booking and let me know if you need assistance with booking etc!

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland!

Thanks for the read! Do share this post, let me know your thoughts and keep an eye out for my next few posts!

Doyin 😊

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