Top 5 Websites to Use When Planning a Holiday

Hey Folks! So my 1 month venture into South East Asia has come to an end :(. It’s been an amazing experience and I’m sure they’ll be many more travel opportunities ahead. On a brighter note, London is getting “warmer” and my bank account is only getting colder (lol) so I’m more than happy to be home – for now!

My adventures bring so much more than many other life experiences and I’m sure this is true for many others too! …So it genuinely troubles me when folks tell me they cannot travel or plan a trip because it’s expensive, difficult to plan or infeasible. Of course, travel can be all the above but I almost guarantee that with access to the right information travel can be made inexpensive, easy and withing scope. So hey, here’s a few websites that I use while planning and on my travels that will certainly help you to travel more, for less!

My highlight in Bangkok! The Royal Palace.
  1. Airbnb

My absolute favourite! I’m confident that every post of mine has a reference to Airbnb – to say the least you can rent almost anything; from a hostel, to a private en-suite room to a whole home from as little as £7 a night!

I really love Airbnb’s flexible booking policy which allows you to make amendments to your booking up until the end of your stay.

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Love the Thai’s! Doing some good at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Chiangmai.
  1. Tripcase

Tripcase is a really useful tool for organising and managing your trips all in ONE place. You simply download the app and forward your travel confirmations (flights, accommodation etc) to Tripcase via email. Tripcase then do all the hard work and literally create a timeline in date order to map out your entire trip.

During your trip you are constantly reminded of flight times, accommodation check in times and the likes by Tripcase. This was extremely helpful for me during this 1 month trip as I took multiple flights and stayed in God knows how many Airbnb’s.

FYI, the app is completely FREE to download and use!

The day I vowed to go veggie.. i’m still working on it lol. Smile Organic Farm Cooking School, Chiangmai.
  1. Google Flights

Another fave of mine! Similar to Skyscanner you are able to compare flight prices almost a year in advance. Personally Google Flights stands out from the other flight comparisons site as there are tons of airline providers available on Google Flights which are not on other comparison websites.

Also, for folks who still worry about purchasing flight tickets online (my sister), using GOOGLE Flights provides a further sense of reassurance that all the flight details and airline links are accurate – just because it’s Google!

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Chiangmai.
  1. Skyscanner

It’s likely you’ve heard of this badboy comparison website. I won’t say it’s one of my faves (it really is though haha) …but in all honesty the use of Skyscanner guarantees access to do a wide range of flights (especially from low budget airlines) meaning you are more likely to find a bargain here!

The infamous Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island!
  1. Ask a – literally ask a friend!

Simples. If a mate has gone to a destination you are planning to visit I advise you to ask for tips, what to do and most importantly what not to do. Take it with a pinch of salt if you wish but I’ve personally found this useful before jetting off to a new destination.

Before coming to Thailand for example I asked a number of friends about the Thai customs and traditions, and although the Thai’s are lovely people it was good to know they did not like to be pointed at (who does really? lol).

Beautiful Chiangmai Sunset from my Airbnb condo, featuring Vitae London ;).

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Doyin 🙂

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