About Doyin

Hey, hey i’m Doyin!

90s born South East Londoner

London, England!🇬🇧

Nigerian Blood

Big believer of living life in all of its God given fullness

Jesus has my back

Economics Grad

Fortunately (& unfortunately lol) I landed a top corporate job out of university working in Investment Management as Fund Financial Associate

I actually quit my ‘big big’ graduate job early 2017 to pursue my passion for travel, community and entrepreneurship

Fast forward to 3 months, I become the co-founder of a leading UK travel company The Wind Collective, a creative travel hub creating storytelling content for brands, tourism boards, hotels & influencers. We also run group travel experiences for millennials, travelling to destinations across the globe.

If I could only do three things for the rest of my life? Travel the world, eat Italian pizza fresh from Italy and run a business based around travel, community and young people

Three 2019 goals? Visit 5 new countries, invest more and read a book a month (so send over your book recommendations)

Fave three past-time activities? Running my London, UK Black Travel Community, Black British Travel Meet Up, which facilitates events & meet ups

Fave countries/places? Nigeria, Bali, California, Italy and Seoul!

With all that said, my only hope is that you truly explore your God given greatness and live out your purpose – in all of its fullness, we gatt this! haha

Any questions? Want to connect/collaborate or put money into my bank account (lol)? Give me a shout: