I’ve Always Planned to Retire at 40… Who Knew It’d Be at 24!

Ok retired sounded way better and i’m far from privileged or ready in many areas to retire.. but I have left the corporate world (for how long? I have no idea). I spent just over 2 years interning abroad, contracting in a global bank then securing a position at a top investment firm, so I guess in terms of society’s corporate standard I pretty much “made it” as a young corporate professional.

This is no sob story or spoilt millennial rant on why I left my “apparently decent paying job for someone right out of university” but pretty much a letter to myself which I hope will inspire you in one shape or the other. So yes! I’m no longer working as a Fund Financial Associate for one of the world’s largest investment Management houses (I thought writing this would make me tear up – but it didn’t so I think it was the right decision! whoop lol). On a serious note, I really do hope this post provides a food for thought somewhere up there..  or even better, helps you to further identify where your passion lies.

…Before I go on, I have not been planning how I would leave my “9-5”, I do not have savings pilled up in my current account and my piggy bank is pretty empty! (I don’t even own a credit card, oh Lord lol) ..I’m a little nuts right? haha..

I’ll miss these city views during my lunchtime strolls. St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

So Why Leave Doyin?

…because it’s not the end of the world, it’s not the end of my world, it’s not the the end of my purpose or even the end of the possibility of going back to the corporate world. I honestly have nothing to lose so I decided to take my passion for travel, adventure, storytelling and people to another level!

I’m single, I don’t have any children, i’m not tied down to many financial commitments, an opportunity arose so I decided to take it!

What Does This Look Like Doyin?

Honestly, i’m not 100% sure but I am sure that it involves committing way more of my time, energy, effort and resources to becoming a better writer, networker, travel researcher and all rounded travel influencer. I knew I would eventually resign from my corporate role (more like corporate bondage lol) to try something which hit my creative nerve with an aspect of strategic analysis. However, I always thought I would be sensible and have another job lined up before calling it a day.

..but hey in this case being ‘senseless’ was more sensible and I look the quote “LIFE BEGINS AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE” very literal! lol

It does not always have to make complete sense…

So What’s Next Doyin?

Before jetting off with an open return ticket to venture out to South East Asia!! ..i’ll be working on my writing, learning about the travel industry and connecting with like-minded individuals. I was literally planning to head out ASAP but my mama would disown me for missing her infamous birthday!

You’re probably wondering “an open return adventure with no cash in your piggy bank Doyin, HOW!?”…oh if only I knew but this is where my faith and belief of PERFECT TIMING comes into the picture. Yes, I do believe everything happens for a reason, a perfect reason actually!!


For the past year i’ve been looking for the opportunity to head to South East Asia or Central America for more than a mere 2 week annual leave break. I have an urge to fully immerse myself into a different culture and then document this experience to the masses. I knew it would be difficult to fulfil this without taking at least a whole month out of work which was almost impossible.

On resigning something crazy and pretty much unheard of occurred and it’s safe to say i’ll be OK for the next few months on my travels – thanks to my old employer! (i’m still looking for a sponsor to purchase a camera however!)

Although a strong believer in picking up your God given passion this post is not steered towards encouraging you to quit your “9-5” job or to drop everything and travel the four corners of the earth. This is simply my story of dreaming big, pretty big in fact! I had a crazy vision, I dreamt of it, I prayed on it and I trusted God with it!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

It’s Pretty Crazy!

It’s crazy how this time last week I was speaking with a friend over some average Dim Sum about inspirational stories of fearless business women/men, travel bloggers, fitness gurus, and now i’m writing my story. You don’t need a “BIG break”, a lottery win and the likes to have a “story”. You are alive right? (well I hope so if you’re reading this lol)…  so you’ve got a story to tell – just make sure it’s YOUR story. 🙂

I don’t completely know what every step of the future holds for me but I am certain that i’ll take every opportunity to get to where i’ve dreamed of… and if it fails, i’ll try again, and again and again.

Day 2 of Fun-employment @ Google Campus London.

Dream big – Very BIG

I really hope you don’t just finish the read feeling uber happy for me (please do because I don’t believe haters exist lol) …but as well as that and thinking I’m a complete nutter I do hope you continue to pursue that dream of yours! Always meditate/pray on it, believe in it and be prepared to embrace it (even if it is nuts!)

I wanted to keep this post marginally emotional, lol, but I cannot leave without throwing in a few tips and travel deals for you. So if you’re 26 or under, preferably based in Europe and are looking for some cheap flights (i’m talking return flights to LA for £270 and more!) comment below with your email addy and I’ll get back to you. 🙂

Do share this post far and wide, comment below and let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading & never forget to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!

Doyin 🙂

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