How to travel cheaper and better: money saving travel apps and personal hacks

It’s getting cold as heck here in the UK, so this is our last chance to escape the brutal winter! After sharing a few travel gems on Twitter I thought why not share a more extensive list without being limited to 240 characters.

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Brixton, London ~ Aug 2018

So, in no particular order – enjoy:

  1. If you haven’t already, download the Skyscanner App
Like download it now to find flights/trains from as little as £10! My fave “everywhere” feature allows you to search for the cheapest flight to “anywhere”. It’s actually too juicy! Use my code “MWD3” at checkout for coins off train tickets!

Don’t forget to set a price tracker for flight you’re interested in – they’ll email you when the price changes.

Skyscanner App “Everywhere” search feature
  1. Google Flights

Another super easy-to-use price comparison site. There’s currently no app but it works seamlessly on the web.

Be flexible with your dates if possible and use the price chart to find the cheapest flights. Set those price alerts as well!

  1. Booking flights on a Monday/Tuesday

Yes, it’s generally the cheapest!

It’s not a myth. Traditionally, most airlines start their sales/deals on Monday nights. This year cyber Monday (basically a day of online flight sales) is on Mon 26th Nov. Save the date!

Cheeky day trip to Edinburgh ~ Oct 2018.
  1. Airline Membership – Sign up to all of them for flight discounts!

Sign up to airline memberships (they’re free)! The constant emails can be annoying so set up a separate email account because exclusive member deals are juicier than what they release to the general public.

Being loyal to an airline alliance (like OneWorld/SkyTeam/StarAlliance) also pays off as you can earn air-miles, discounts and perks much quicker.

  1. Best times to travel…

If you can vacay when the schools aren’t on holiday, everything’s literally much better (& cheaper). Oct – Nov and Feb – May (for UK peeps) are the best off-peak travel times.

If you have to travel during during peak-season, you’ll find the cheapest fares as soon as they are released (12-9 months before the flight date) or during the prior January/Summer sale.

Bali ~ April 2018. So precious!
  1. always offer member only discounts on accommodation, plus you get £20 cash right into your bank account for every referral – it’s a beautiful thing lol!

Register here (it’s free), share to earn & get 10% off your booking also – win-win!

  1. Grab those last-minute seats

Airlines aim to fill up seats and I’ve noticed some airlines (usually low budget Ryanair & friends) reduce fares about 2-3 weeks prior to the flight departure if there are still empty seats (more common during off-peak season).

  1. Get yourself an AMEX reward card for the best flight discounts, perks & upgrades!

One of the best reward cards out there! How it works:

I use this card everywhere to collect points and rack up Avios/British Airways air-miles. When you register you’ll get 22,000 sign up bonus points – enough for a FREE return flight! Here’s how I used my AMEX points to book a return flight to LA with British Airways.

Malibu Beach, CA ~ Aug 2018.
  1. Download Hitlist

The Hitlist app is a gem! You simply save your fave travel destinations then the app notifies you when the flight price drops.

  1. Tripcase

Tripcase is a babe of an app too!

How it works:

Send your flight details & booking confirmation emails to Tripcase then it’ll automatically create an itinerary for your trip. You can share it with your peeps as well. Pretty much a life saver app for group trips, hens, stags etc!

  1. Fly into big international airports – it’s usually cheaper!
With more airlines going in&our of these airports you’re more likely to get a cheaper flight.

I flew into Bangkok en route to Bali, checked out Bangkok for a few days then flew into Bali with AirAsia. The savings were real!

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Cold AH in stunning Edinburgh ~ Oct 2018.
  1. Uber isn’t the cheapest (or best) taxi service everywhere…

When in Merica use Lyft

Spain/Latin Am: Cabify

Europe: MyTaxi

SE Asia: GrabTaxi (they have motorbike taxis too so you can ride dirty in the streets of BALI!)

  1. Know the right airlines

Not all low-cost airlines provide budget-like service. A few to make note of:

Norwegian Air (global), Jet Blue Airlines (U.S), AirAsia (literally the best for travelling within Asia), Iberia (Europe).

If you’re looking for that super cheap-fix (which I’d only recommend for short fights) check out SouthWest Airlines (U.S), Spirit Airlines (U.S), Ryanair (flights literally go from £5 within Europe), Easy Jet (Europe) and Wizz Air (global).

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…see the world. Kyoto ~ May 2018.
  1. Travel Solo

The best personal hack. Don’t wait for your mates, please believe me – you’ll be more than ok.

If I’ve missed anything out drop it below – thanks for the read!

Peace & Love


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