5 Ways to Switch It Up This Summer

It seems like everyone’s out there living their best summer lives – travelling, glowing, eating well etc etc. Despite the enjoyment it’s easy to feel hella’ fomo, overwhelmed, drained and even lonely. I’ve been travelling like crazy for the past few weeks and my body (and mind) needs an actual rest (you feel me?)

For the next 4 weeks I’ll be making a few practical (and measurable) changes that will feed my soul, keep me connected to the source (God) and radiate a new summer glow. These are universal so I hope it helps you connect to your sauce.

Mount Batur, Bali. April 2018.
  1. 30 minutes of daily reading

I struggle with reading consistently so I’ve decided to start slowly with 15-30 minutes allocated to reading each day.

How I’m making it happen:

– Setting a daily reminder on my phone

– buying books that are actually interesting reads (recommendations welcome)

– making myself accountable (I’ve told you all so I’ll look silly if I don’t stick to it haha)

Current dope read. Slay In your Lane by Elizabeth Uviebinené and Yomi Adegoke.
  1. Tweak your daily routine with one little thing

I’ve decided to switch up my diet for a month with a “no meat/chicken weekday rule” which has surprisingly gone well for the past 2 weeks! (Let’s see how it goes on week 4 lol).

How I’m making it happen:

– I’m having fun with it, not taking it too serious one bit – I think this is key with any switch up! Personally I’m using this as a chance to get creative and explore different foods.

Whatever your switch up, make it fun, explorative and beneficial to YOU.

Things to consider:

  • Smile at yourself in the mirror first thing when you wake up for a week
  • Eat 2 fruits every morning
  • Complement one stranger daily
  • Go for a walk once a week
  • Go to a new event once a month
  • Listen to a new podcast once a week
  • anything that gets you out of constant routine, try it – you’ll thank yourself
  1. Spending a day per week off social media

For a content creator (and human living in 2018 tbh) this is not as easy as it sounds but I’ve come to realise that I owe the online world nada. My abrupt social media breaks have led to this discovery, plus it gives me more reading time, I tend to read more unbiased news and I get more unfiltered time with family/friends.

How I’m making it happen:

– Setting a day in advance each week (it might differ due to dates in my calendar where I need to be online promoting etc). To get results, set a time in advance and stick to it!

– Deleting social apps. It’s the best way to avoid the temptation to sign back in!

– I’m sticking to it! It can be tempting so I’d advise you to fill your “social media” time with reading, walks, face-to-face interactions or exercising. You’ll be amazed at the amount of time we spend on social media doing nothing!

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Evening Kent walks // my fave.
  1. Taking a “do nothing” type holiday

I hardly take these types of holidays as I’m usually away for work (with my company The Wind Collective) or on a solo trip doing everything under the sun to capture content.

It’s sooo important to take time off to just sleep, connect with the source and take in the wonder of life. I’d advise you to take a “selfish” type holiday to a new destination once a year. Just you, fresh air, a beach and a book/a bible.

  1. Do what moves your soul this summer // not what’s popular

It can be soo easy to just ride the wave of your friends, dance to their bells, do what they want to do, go to that festival etc etc.

Take a pause.

Fill your soul with things that matter to YOU this summer. Don’t wait for anyone to experience that one thing you’ve been wanting to do – treat yourself to that holiday, that spa weekend, that conference, that festival or whatever it may be.

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Treated myself to the Essence Festival this summer in New Orleans.

Do what you love, find time for new discoveries, nourish your soul and live YOUR best life this summer!

Peace & Love,





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