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It’s been a while and I’ve genuinely missed blogging during the past few months (& I’m sorry for my absence)! It’s been a fun, long, summer of traveling and building a creative travel company – WindCollectiveTrips. But despite the craziness of the summer I’ve often found the time to share travel gold on Instagram and Twitter.

A random spare of the moment Twitter thread really hit home and took me back to my blogging basics – which is all about inspiring and helping my readers through my travel journey. We creators/bloggers/photographers/cooks/Youtubers/etc all want to be the next big thing! …But sometimes we forget the impact we have when we take it back to the very beginning. And hey, maybe that’s why I stopped blogging? But I’m back and confident as heck with what I have to bring to the table!

Mykonos, Greece 

(P.s. A Twitter thread is a conversation created by replying to your own tweets – it’s not as crazy as it sounds) and here’s the thread I created highlighting 15 of my fave travel tools:


the prepaid currency card

Charges you close to nothing while you spend money abroad:

  • 1% charge for ATM withdrawals in Europe and 2 per cent for the rest of the world or,
  • 1.5 per cent charge for ATM withdrawals everywhere outside the UK or,
  • £200 free allowance per month and 3 per cent charge for withdrawals thereafter everywhere outside the UK

You simply top up your MONZO balance from your current account using the app.

While connected to wifi or using roaming data, the app instantly displays your balance and sends you notifications of each transaction so you can track your spending on the go!

There is a slight waiting list to get access to a MONZO card but you can skip the queue by asking a MONZO member to refer you using a “Golden Ticket”.

Revolut is pretty similar and you only need to topup your account with £10 to begin (you can spend this money once your card arrives). MONZO requires a £100 topup.

2. Skyscanner

one of my fave flight comparison sites!

Skyscanner allows you to search “everywhere” as your destination & chronologically displays destination from the lowest to highest priced.

3. Google Flights…

is also bae for comparing flight prices.

Google Flights

4. TripCase

to stay organised during your travels

It’s such a useful tool for organising & managing your whole trip in one place!

Download the FREE app and automatically create your trip itinerary by forwarding your reservations/confirmation to

5. Offline Maps

Google Maps This bad boy works offline in sooo many counties!

Remember to download your offline map when you have data/wifi connectivity. Maps.Me is a great app too!

6. AirBnB

from penthouses, to condos to igloos…

You can literally stay wherever you want! I adore this concept of Airbnb and I’ve stayed in beautiful homes from as little as £7 a night!

Once you refer a friend they automatically receive £25 off their first booking and you’ll get £15 in return each time. I literally stack up credit and reap the benefits of free accommodation.

Here’s my code: My AirBnB

My Bangkok AirBnB, only £15 a night!

7. Rome2rio

it’s gold for transit connection

This app helps you to get from A to B worldwide by displaying the best routes via plane, bus, train, ferry and car with direct links so you make bookings instantly! You also have the option to view previous searches offline.

I used this app waaay too often while travelling around the States!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Brooklyn Bridge, NYC. Aug 2016.


8. Grab

Uber of Southeast Asia & even better!

Truth be told I prefered Grab to Uber in Southeast Asia. It’s such an efficient service and the drivers actually knew how to get to my final destination.

You also have the option to hop on a Grab motorcycle which is even cheaper, (hella fun) and highly recommended in traffic-heavy Southeast Asian cities such as Bangkok and Ubud.

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Bangkok traffic, like no other!

9. BlaBlaCar

to get from A to B with a local

The app connects drivers who have empty seats to people traveling the same way.

It’s crazy regulated, organised & safe. I went from Marseille to Monaco via Nice using this organised hitch-hiking service and I would definately use em’ again!

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Monte Carlo, Monaco. Aug 2017

10. Low Cost/Affordable Airlines:

US: SouthWest, JetBlue, Spirit
Asia: AirAsia, Nok Air
Europe: Ryanair, EasyJet
Global: NorwegianAir, WowAir

It’s so vital to check offers with airlines regularly. NorwegianAir are forever offering flash flight sales on long haul flights to Asia and the states.

11. Grabr

another revolutionary travel app

Grabr pays you to deliver an item to a shopper in the destination you are heading to. You simply meet the shopper in a public place while abroad to deliver the goods and get paid via the app!

It’s a great way to meet locals while abroad too!



This guy has the best “what to do” blogs for sooo many cities in the world on his website:


13. Jack’s Flight Club

for flight offers

Subscribe to Jack’s emails and he’ll send you flash flight deals including hidden offers and error fares.

Jacks Flight Club

14. Get a bloody AMEX (this one’s a note to self too)

the gold card is FREE for the first year!

You have the choice to pay for flights, hotels & experiences using points accumulated on the card.

Airport lounge access, hotel room upgrades and American Express offers are a few AMEX gold card perks.

15. Beware of cookies

the annoying kind…

Search for flights on private browsers because cookies will raise those prices! On your internet preference be sure to enable private browsing and delete existing cookies.

Don’t forget to clear your search history too!

Thanks for the read and feel free to share the post. I’d love to hear some of your fave travel apps & tools as well.

Peace & Love


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