Top 10 Things to Do In Seminyak/Canggu, Bali

Happy May folks! Summer is apparently around the corner (thank God for that)! As mentioned I’m creating a list of ‘things to do’ from every location visited during my 1 month trip around South East Asia. Today it’s all things Bali!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my top 10 things to do in Bangkok and Chiangmai, Thailand. The next few posts will be on one of my favourite destinations yet, Bali! Keep reading to see why!

The Seminyak/Canggu area in Bali is currently a “trending” location for young travellers. Seminyak, located 25 minutes south Canggu, has traditionally been a hot spot destination in Bali due to its nightlife and shopping. Canggu is also cropping up on the tourism ranks as villas, trendy cafes, restaurants and bars now appear to replace traditional rice fields.

Don’t worry, there’s still lots of green!

Besides the growing popularity in Canggu, it’s still so easy to feel the authentic “Bali vibe” which is why I absolutely loved Canggu. So in no order of bias – here’s my top 10 things to in the Seminyak/Canggu area:


1. Rent a Scooter

Seriously, if you cannot ride a scooter, LEARN! I wish someone had told me that scooters are literally the way of life in Canggu (and in most parts Bali and lots of South East Asia tbh)!

Scooters are hands down the best, fastest, (and cheapest) way to get around town, explore the beautiful outskirts and surrounding rice fields.

Scooter rental shops are located all around town.

You can hire one for as little as IDR50k (approx £3/$4) per day or IDR700k (£40/$52) for a whole month – just don’t forget to wear your helmet when riding!


2. Watch the Sunset at Batu Bolong Beach

If you follow me on any social media channel you’ll know I’m a sucker for a good sunset! …& Balinese sunsets do not disappoint!

Known to be one of Canggu’s popular surfing and sunset watching spots Batu Bolong Beach is usually filled with good vibes and a guaranteed “candy floss” looking sunset.

Casual evening ritual in Canggu Bali!


3. Head to Old Man’s Bar/Restaurant Post Sunset!

It’s unlikely you’ll hit the streets of Canggu without hearing about “Old Mans”. The beach front restaurant/bar (which sits right in front of Batu Bolong) serves good vibes, relatively cheap western and Indonesian food and tasty cocktails. There’s also live music and pretty much a sunset after party every night!

The vibe is very international and even as a solo traveller I had a great time and met so many other travellers.



4. Brunch It Out!

Brunching is a “thing” in Canggu which is no surprise given the super laid back lifestyle. So make sure you brunch your life out at one of the many brunch spots in the area.

Crate Cafe, Canggu! Source: Interior Junkie.

These were some of my fave brunch spots:

Monsieur Spoon: For delicious handmade French cakes, pastries, artisan bread and desserts.

Crate Cafe: Smoothie bowls, eggs benedict and all that good stuff!

Mades Banana Flour Company: Quality stuff! – I’ll let the reviews do the talking.


5. Just Chill Out!

This will seriously come as a shock to those who know me as I love to do anything BUT chill when abroad. I’m always on the go, exploring a new town or hiking one mountain or the other.

However, when in Canggu chilling out is literally inevitable, it’s in the air so just embrace it! Take a stroll along the beaches, surf, and sip on smoothie bowl – yap, that kinda vibe. 😉

Post brunch satisfaction! lol



6. Stay In a Private Villa

I was so clueless in regards to why hotels existed in the Seminyak/Canggu area because the villas are stunning, well equipped and pretty damn cheap! You can rent a double room in a luxury style villa via Airbnb from as little as £20 ($26) per night or you can make use of the entire villa from £50 ($65) per night.

My spacious villa bathroom!

With most villas equipped with stunning pools, self-catered kitchen equipment, personal cleaners and even kitchen staff I’ll recommend over hotels any day!


7. Head to Potato Head Beach Club

Beach clubs are also a “thing” in Seminyak!

Home to two restaurants, three bars and an infinity pool looking over the Indian Ocean you can literally spend a whole day in Potato Head Beach Club. Maybe hold off on spending a whole day as it is a little pricey (but well worth it) – I came here during my last night in Seminyak to celebrate the fact that I still had cash (that’s what I told myself after spending western prices lol).

Potato Head Beach Club Bali. Source: The Luxury Bali.

But hey… it was worth it – so be sure to visit! ..p.s. their desserts are amazing! lol

Note: Finns Beach Club is another Seminyak favourite.


8. Get a Balinese Massage!

Cheap massage places are located all over Seminyak and you can even get a pretty good massage on the beach for about IDR50k (approx £3/$4).

If you are happy to pay a bit more for the ambiance and quality service head to a Balinese spa such as Bodyworks which is highly sort of in the Seminyak area.


9. Eat At NOOK

Beautiful rice field views at NOOK, Seminyak.

NOOK was my favourite Balinese restaurant experience. Besides the 360-degree panoramic rice field views, the food was actually delicious and more than affordably priced!

Like most westernised restaurants in Bali they serve a range of Balinese, Indonesian and Western infused delicacies! I tried the Charcoal chicken burger and it was super tasty!


10. Do Not Expect Gold Coast Looking Beaches here… sorry 🙁 

I was definitely contemplating to include this but honesty is always the best policy! Although a popular surf spot, Canggu/Seminyak beach shores are filled with rubbish, beer cans, plastics and the likes.

Not the cleanest of beaches in the world…

I was pretty distraught during my highly anticipated morning beach jog that’s why i’ll recommend going to a beach club to really enjoy a clean beach environment.

However, let’s end on a high note! Canggu has now become one of my favourite “chill spots” in the world (it now sits in line with San Diego) so I highly recommend making a visit soon.


As always, I really hope you enjoyed the read! Do share and let me know your thoughts on the post!

Doyin 🙂

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