Why I Started This Travel Blog!?

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Travel has been a passion of mine for the past 4 years since I embarked on a Study Abroad Program in Vancouver, Canada while in university… the amazing people you meet, the cultures you learn about, being stretched out of your comfort zone and most of all walking into the unknown…

Golden Gate Bridge, San Fran!

I’m a strong believer of living life to its God given entirety. Whatever that may look like for you, my hope is that you are inspired to live your life in all its fullness.

I’m not going to bore you as the aim of this blog is to be as interactive and informative (& fun!) as possible! So here are a few 101’s on why I started this blog…

  • Because it was about time lol – no really, it was!
  • To INSPIRE you to live out your passion! – Regardless of life’s obstacles… the most common one being the ‘9-5’.
  • To answer all your burning questions such as “Doyin! How the heck do you work full time yet travel soo much??”
  • To reassure you all that travel is NOT as expensive as it seems! – Trust me on this one!
Squaw Peak, Arizona!
  • To (hopefully) make all the pre-travel admin a little easier for you.
  • To offer personal TIPS and travel-hacks through my first hand travel experiences.
  • To provide an informal forum to ask ANY travel/lifestyle related question – I’ll try my best to answer them all! – But please don’t ask me for Ryanair’s Website, there’s GOOGLE (Ryanair – just in case lol).

…& of course this blog is NOT limited to the above so feel free to let me know what you would like to see going forward!

Camelback Mountain, Arizona!
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