How to Travel From Bangkok to Chiangmai via Train!

As mentioned i’ll be posting some more quick, snappy and useful posts that will help you on your travels. I must admit I love the storytelling aka waffling lol but sometimes it’s best to cut to the chase!

There are of course various ways to get around SE Asia – be it via train, bus, coaches, planes or walking (if you are a little crazy) – but I decided to take the tip from Nomadic Matt’s Thailand guide, so I hopped on the overnight train from Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong Station) to Chiangmai Railway Station.

Why get the train?

…Because it’s a great way to see the countryside/scenic parts of Thailand at no extra costs.

Accommodation’s sorted for the night… because you SLEEP on the train.

It’s super cost efficient.

You avoid the airport chaos.

It’s an experience!

How to book the train?

I purchased my one way ticket online from for 1,131 THB (£26) plus a small payment fee of 40 THB (less than £1).

Any other hidden costs?

Insurance for cancellations/accidents is optional. It’s only 48 THB so why not!

How does operate? are a well trusted railway ticket servicing company who physically go to the railway station to purchase your ticket. On arrival to Bangkok (or before departing to Chiangmai) you collect your ticket form their office which is located right beside the Bangkok railway station. Correspondence is really professional from this company and they keep you well informed on how and when to collect your ticket.

Which Train Should I Book?

That is completely up to your time schedule and preference but here’s a break down on the different types of trains available – – keep scrolling down and you’ll get to the comprehensive description of what’s included on each train etc.

I took the evening train number 13 which takes 13 hours to get to Chiangmai (coincidence? lol).

First or Second Class?

Again, completely up to you and your budget but I chose the 2nd class sleeper AC carriage due to the online reviews and affordability. It was completely fine, clean and as comfortable as sleeping on a train gets! Your bed is made about an hour into the journey, individual curtains are provided for privacy and there is paid catering service throughout the night/morning.

Second class AC beds include a light duvet, a pillow and AC.

The shared toilets are a bit like aeroplane loos so bring your hand sanitiser just in case! Otherwise, avoid drinking water during the journey!

Included in first class is a complementary dinner and breakfast, shared toilets with a shower and a wash basin inside your closed closet. Of course, even with this selection do not expect sheer luxury – remember, you are on a train! lol.

All first class beds come with AC and a wash basin in a mini closed closet.

When in Chiangmai…

Hop on a Songthaews to your accommodation. Although regular rides are priced around the 20 THB mark expect to be charged more from the railway station but of course still haggle your arse off!

The infamous Chiangmai Songthaews’. Downtown Chiangmai.

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